Mothers Ministry

Mothers Ministry

mothers ministry

The Ebenezer Baptist Church Mothers Ministry was organized in 2016 under the leadership of Pastor Vincent K. Campbell. Based on I Timothy 5, it is our belief that Church Mothers play a crucial role in the life of the church and society through the ministry of prayer. We further believe that Anna the prophetess, who’s life as a widow (church mother) was spent in prayer and fasting (Luke 2), serves as an excellent Biblical role model for any Church Mother who is seeking to answer God’s call to a life devoted to prayer.

Recognition of Our Church Mothers

Mother Edith McCallum – Chairwoman

Mother Ella Fletcher – Vice-Chairwoman

Our Church Mothers are Private Prayer Warriors

The Primary Duty and Responsibility of a Church Mother is to live a life devoted to prayer. They are responsible for keeping the Pastor, Pastor’s Family, and entire Church Family covered and empowered through intercessory prayer. Members of our Church Family will be encouraged to share their prayer requests with our Pastor and Church Mothers.

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