Deacon & Deaconess Ministries

Deacon & Deaconess Ministries

deacons and deaconesses

Our Deacon & Deaconess Ministries share the following responsibilities:

  • cooperating with the Pastor in assisting in the work of the church, and in guarding the doctrines and fostering the spiritual life of the church.
  • assist the Pastor in administering the ordinances (Baptism & Communion);
  • assist in the examination of candidates for church membership;
  • serving and assisting the Pastor at all church services;
  • traveling and assisting the Pastor if requested for outside engagements;
  • participate in the work of the prayer and teaching ministry of the church;
  • participate in encouraging members to cooperate with the Pastor;
  • participate in encouraging members to cooperate with each other;
  • serve as mediators of disputes to alleviate discord in the church;
  • be examples in their giving of tithes, offerings, and gifts to the church;
  • be examples of disciples by their learning under the Pastor’s teaching;
  • be examples of leaders by their willingness to be followers of the Pastor;
  • preparing and supplying the Lord’s Supper and proper care of the linens;
  • visiting the sick or needy and other visitations as assigned by the Pastor;
  • preparing and presenting candidates for the service of baptism;
  • supplying flowers for the sanctuary during regular and holiday services;
  • ordering flowers for funeral or memorial services as is appropriate;
  • maintaining accurate memorial plaques and remembrances;
  • discerning appropriateness and then order flowers for the hospitalized.
  • When necessary and appropriate certain of these duties may involve enlisting other ministries, committees and/or membership to assist.

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